Payment Processing for Cannabis Merchants

  • In-Person Dispensary Options
  • Accept Payments Online
  • Crypto, Cash, Cards…


With over 30 years of combined experience in high-risk merchant processing, we are experts at identifying solutions for hard-to-place merchants. We have worked with clients in verticals including Telemedicine, CBD, nutra, dating, online education and many more. This has led us to identify and adopt new technologies and payment methods to help cannabis merchants with the challenges of payment acceptance in today’s legally-cloudy environment.


Cannabis merchants can accept payments in the form of multiple cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Merchants can then quickly exchange the funds to their bank account in USD, CAD and other denominations.


The most common payment acceptance model for dispensaries today is the point-of-bank option where the customer swipes their card at a traditional terminal and the transaction is processed via the ATM network rails.

Cash Management

Dispensary owners can use this revolutionary solution to count, store and deposit cash payments in real-time. A proprietary cash vault is installed in the dispensary, as bills are fed through it they are counted in real-time and applied to the account balance of a bank account established on the merchants behalf at the time of setup.

Pin-Based Debit

Accept in-person payments from customers who wish to use a debit card with this pin-based model. More convenient for customers and merchants alike than the traditional point-of-bank model.

We offer 50% lifetime residuals on any clients referred to our cannabis payment options.

Marketing companies, affiliates, software providers and more refer cannabis merchants.

Receive monthly payments via ACH or Wire direct to your bank account.

With a Quick Setup and Competitive Rates