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Add a Second Number to Your Phone

Online dating, managing business contacts, Craigslist and eBay or for your dry cleaning or pet store rewards account. Add a layer of privacy and safety between yourself and those you share your phone number with by using a MyAKA second phone number.

  • Second Number in Your Area Code
  • Supports All Phones
  • Supports all US and Canadian Carriers
  • No App to Install
  • Optional Voicemail
  • Block Unwanted Callers
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Protect Your Number on Incoming and Outgoing Calls/Texts
  • We Do NOT Collect Name, Address and Other Private Details so Stalking Websites Like Spokeo and Intelius Cannot Link Your MyAKA Number to Your Work or Home Address
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Add a second mobile number to protect your privacy and manage two sets of contacts on one phone.