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Why Should I Remove My Info from Web Searches?

Your privacy and safety are at risk. There are many websites which allow anyone to search basic details, such as name or phone number, in order to get more personal info such as home address or employment history. These companies have huge advertising budgets and can be found all over the web.

How do they pay for these ads? They provide access to your information for a fee, meaning they are profiting by violating your privacy and exposing you to risks such as a stranger showing up at your doorstep.

These are a few common scenarios where you may be sharing information, such as phone number, with someone you’ve just met. These people can take this information, search these sites and find your home or work address and much more.

Using a MyAKA second number allows you to protect your personal information with new contacts. Now, our Search Removal service helps cleanup what is already available on the web.

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