Definition: An alias used to protect ones information or identity.
Synonyms: a.k.a., also known as


Definition: A privacy service removing your personal details from the web
Synonyms: None

What is the MyAKA Search Removal Service?

Have you ever performed a web search on your name or other personal information? You’ll find pages of listings for sites which are displaying and selling your personal, private details, such as Intelius, Spokeo and PeopleFinders, just to name a few. MyAKA can remove your information and stop these sites from selling your private details.

Type the word “find” and your name in the below box to see an example.

In addition to submitting a request to remove your information, we will also monitor these websites to ensure your information does not reappear for as long as you remain a MyAKA customer.

Remove your private information and keep it from reappearing for just $9.99 per month!