Virtual Phone Number's and Their Many Uses

Virtual phone number use

Protecting your personal information involves more than just keeping your documents in a secure place - you need to think about your virtual presence as well. This includes everything from your phone number to your email address and online passwords.

Whenever you sign up for a web service, credit card, gym membership or anything else that involves filling out a form, there is almost always a spot for your phone number. For certain forms, such as medical and work-related paperwork, you probably want to use your real phone number, but may not want to give out your personal information otherwise. Some companies may provide your information to solicitors, which can result in a slew of unwanted calls and text messages.

This is where a virtual phone number comes in handy. You can use this secondary number, which is not linked to any of your personal information, for forms and applications when you don't feel comfortable using your personal digits. It can also be set to block calls at certain times, so you don't have to worry about being interrupted at work by calls or texts from solicitors. This also provides mobile security in case your number falls into the hands of a hacker.

Hackers may be able to break into your cell phone and find out a lot about you with just your mobile number. They can access your photos, contact information, email, browser history and more. If you use a virtual phone number, anyone who tries to dig deeper will hit a brick wall. The second set of digits appears normal and will even have the same area code as your regular number, but it is not connected to any of your information, so you are free to safely make and receive calls right from your mobile device using this virtual phone number.

Not only does a virtual phone number come in handy when filling out forms, but it is also extremely useful when meeting new people. Whether you're looking for love online or have made a friend at a local event, you can use a second number to stay in touch with these individuals. This way, if someone turns out to be untrustworthy, you don't have to worry about them tracking you down using your main phone number.

You can try your own virtual phone number for free, as MYAKA offers a 7-Day for FREE. You are not required to enter any billing details to enroll in the trial and you don't have to install any hardware or download applications to get started using your second mobile number.