A second phone number can give you peace

Second phone number peace

Technology makes many parts of everyday life simpler, but with all its advantages it can bring annoyances that can be frustrating to deal with or even endanger your personal privacy. A mobile phone is one of the most commonly used technologies today. A huge advantage is being reached anywhere, but that can also be a problem. Having a second phone number, or alias number, can help cell phone users deal with common annoyances and issues. Spam text messages and phone calls from solicitors are some of Americans' biggest cell phone complaints, suggests a survey by the Pew Research & American Life Project. A few examples of situations when a second phone number may come in handy are as follows.

  • • Unwanted sales or marketing calls. Just when many thought they dodged the telemarketers, these salespeople are still calling - and now your cell phone is the target. Approximately 68 percent of cell phone owners have received these calls and 24 percent reported it happened quite often, in some cases daily.
  • • Spam text messages. Unsolicited text messages from businesses are common, as 71 percent of respondents have received these texts. In many cases, these messages may be scams, such as those that claim the recipient has won a prize.
  • • Annoying or unwanted people. You don't always want to talk to your boss, your customers or someone after a first date. Adding a second phone number will allow you to manage these contacts more efficiently, increasing your privacy and making life a little more peaceful.

Even though these annoyances happen to the majority of cell phone users, they don't have to happen to you. Do you want to block a call or not be disturbed at a certain time of the day? By adding a second mobile number to your existing phone, you do not have to get another mobile device to accomplish this. With an alias number or secondary line, you can go home after a long day at work and spend time with your family without worrying about getting business calls at the dinner table.

A primary cell phone number is linked to your personal information, which could pose as a mobile privacy issue, but a secondary number is not associated with these private details. This private feature is the perfect way to connect with clients, co-workers or acquaintances without having to give out your personal phone number. Do not mistake this for a call forwarding service, as your real number will be protected with both outgoing and incoming calls.

Don't have a smartphone? A second mobile number can still work for you, as it works with any cell phone and does not require any downloading or application purchasing - and it only costs $9.99 a month. You can start protecting your privacy today with a 7-Day Free Trial.