Definition: An alias used to protect ones information or identity.
Synonyms: a.k.a., also known as


Definition: An alias used to protect ones mobile
information or identity.
Synonyms: None

MyAKA is a privacy protection service which allows you to signup for a second mobile number with a local area code. This number can then be given to others when you wish to protect your real phone number. This service will function exactly like a regular mobile number, allowing you to text or call without the recipient ever seeing your real number. When using the MyAKA system, those who you are corresponding with will only see your MyAKA number, keeping your real mobile information protected, safe and secure.

The MyAKA system works with your primary mobile service provider and supports any function which your current plan is enabled to support, along with a number of features designed specifically for the privacy services of MyAKA. These custom features include...

When you signup for the FREE Trial we will ask that you enter the phone number you wish calls and texts to be routed to, your email address which you will use to login to the admin, and a password to use with your email address. We DO NOT sell or provide information to third parties. This information will be used only for providing our privacy services to you.

MyAKA protects your privacy by protecting your real mobile number. Signup for FREE with NO Credit Card Required by clicking GET MyAKA below!