One Phone. Two Numbers

Manage two numbers two sets of contacts with just one phone

Once you enroll in the MyAKA service we will provide you with a mobile number in the same area code as your existing number. Your number will be active immediately and you may begin using this number and provide it to anyone you wish instantly. When these individuals text or call your MyAKA number their correspondence will be delivered to your mobile phone just like any other text or call would but your real number will remain private.

In short, it's as simple as...

When you signup for the FREE Trial we will ask that you enter the phone number you wish calls and texts to be routed to, your email address which you will use to login to the admin, and a password to use with your email address. We DO NOT sell or provide information to third parties. This information will be used only for providing our privacy services to you.

There are no downloads required, no additional SIM cards and no additional phones needed. MyAKA is not a forwarding service like some others, which only protect your information on an incoming call or text. MyAKA protects your number on both incoming and outgoing. Using your existing mobile phone, you simply communicate using your MyAKA number and your real mobile number will always remain protected and secure.

We are now offering a 7 Day FREE Trial. Give it a try by clicking GET MyAKA below and see exactly how MyAKA protects your privacy.