We are now offering a 7 Day Free Trial which entitles you to 50 free voice minutes and/or text messages. There is NO payment info required to setup an account and you will have access to all the MyAKA services for the trial period. Should you wish to retain your MyAKA number after the trial, you simply login to your account to upgrade to any of the below options.

MyAKA Plan Options:

Description Monthly Fee Credits Voice Plan SMS Plan Privacy Features
7 Day Free Trial FREE 50 YES! YES! YES!
Basic $9.99 100 NO YES! YES!
Basic Voice $12.99 100 YES! YES! YES!
Standard $19.99 300 NO YES! YES!
Standard Voice $24.99 300 YES! YES! YES!
Executive $29.99 500 NO YES! YES!
Executive Voice $34.99 500 YES! YES! YES!
Premium $44.99 1000 NO YES! YES!
Premium Voice $49.99 1000 YES! YES! YES!

When you signup for the FREE Trial we will ask that you enter the phone number you wish calls and texts to be routed to, your email address which you will use to login to the admin, and a password to use with your email address. We DO NOT sell or provide information to third parties. This information will be used only for providing our privacy services to you.

Once your demo has expired you may choose from any of the above plans to retain your MyAKA number. If you decide not to purchase a plan you will lose your MyAKA number within 14 days after the trial expiration and it will be assigned to another new subscriber. Subscribers who use their allocated number of credits prior to the end of their 30 day anniversary period will automatically be renewed at their current rate and their anniversary billing date will be updated to ensure no calls or messages are lost. Subscribers may cancel the service at any time by contacting our support center