Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyAKA?

MyAKA is a service which adds a private second number to your phone. App or download required, you simply provide your MyAKA number in situations where you do not wish to give your real number and calls or texts will automatically be routed to your phone.

How Does MyAKA Work Without an App?

Our service assigns a unique number (an "alias number") to each of your MyAKA contacts, which you save to your contact list, just as you would any other number. From there, you call and text as you normally would and your private number is never revealed! Our system automatically assigns this number when someone calls or texts you first. If you wish to contact someone first, you just send a text message to your MyAKA number containing the number you wish to call and our system will respond with the unique alias number for that individual.

Why Do I Need MyAKA?

There are many websites which allow strangers to search a phone number in order to purchase access to your personal details such as home or work address. We call these stalker websites and Spokeo and Intelius are just two examples of nearly 100. These sites collect public information and make it available for purchase, often using your phone number as the primary method of searching. At MyAKA we do not collect your name or address so there is no way for these sites to link your MyAKA number back to you.

Whether you're dating, wish to separate personal contacts from business, eBay/Craigslist or need a number to signup for the rewards program at your market or pet store, MyAKA has you covered.

How much does it cost?

You may find all of our package and pricing options here.

How do I get MyAKA?

Click "Signup" at the top of the page and you will be directed to our enrollement form. You just need to enter your phone number, email address and a password. We will then display a MyAKA number, ask you to accept it and, if you do, send an activation text. Follow the simple instruction in this text and your number will be active and ready to give to others immediately.

In which Countries is MyAKA Supported?

MyAKA is supported on all carriers and phones in the United States and Canada. However, we plan to add additional countries in the future so please be sure to check back for updates.

Does MyAKA Only Work on Smartphones?

No. Because we do not require an app, our service works on any phone with an active number.

Does the person I.m communicating with ever see my real mobile number?

No, they do not. They only will see your MyAKA number and will have no way of knowing that you're using a private number.

Are MyAKA texts and minutes counted through my regular Mobile plan?

This does depend on your phone plan but generally, yes. In order to properly route your calls and texts to your phone, we must send them through your current carrier.

However, your usage history will not show the real mobile numbers which you are communicating with, it will show the alias number as an added level of privacy.

Does MyAKA Offer Voicemail?

Yes, MyAKA offers an optional voicemail system specifically for your MyAKA number. There is no additional cost for this voicemail but by default the option is off and calls will ring to your primary voicemail unless you turn the MyAKA version on. To do so, you simply call your MyAKA number and follow the automated system options.

How Do I Make a Call or Send a Text?

Just send a text message to your MyAKA number containing the number of the person you wish to reach. Our system will respond with a text containing the alias number for this contact and you simply save this to your contact list as you would any number. When you call this alias number you are routing through our system so we can display your MyAKA number to them, not your real number.

What Happens if Someone Calls or Texts Me?

When someone calls or texts you from the first time we will send you a text message confirming their alias number. You will also see this number on your caller id when someone calls you. When you answer, you will hear an auto-attendant announce the call so you can be 100% sure this is a call to your MyAKA number and you can choose to accept or decline it.

Do Not Disturb

When you are in a setting where you do not wish to receive messages from your MyAKA contacts you may place your MyAKA number in do-not-disturb mode. To do this you simply send a text message to your MyAKA number with the word "off". While your number is in DND mode we will store all text messages and all calls will be forwarded to your voice mail. As soon as you are ready to receive these messages, you simply text the word "on" to your MyAKA number and any stored messages will be delivered.

Blocking a Number

If you wish to block an unwanted number, simply respond to any one of their text messages with the word "block". You can also send a text message to your MyAKA number with the word "block" followed their number.

Are There Any Contracts?

Absolutely not. We require that customers upgrade to a monthly plan after the trial expires but that plan may be cancelled at any time by contacting our 24x7 support center here: Contact Support. Once you cancel your number MyAKA number will be added back into our available numbers list and may be assigned to a new customer.

Still Not Sure? Send Us a Question or Comment.

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