What not to share on Facebook

Jun 7, 2012 14:17:12Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

What not to share on Facebook

Facebook and other social media sites have millions of users across the globe. Many of the visitors find such websites entertaining and useful, and enjoy reading personal anecdotes their friends and family members post. However, there is such a thing as over-sharing, according to HowStuffWorks.

Personal conversations among family and friends should remain in the messages section of Facebook, and not on a user's public wall. Basically, if a person does not feel comfortable sharing the information with a stranger, they should avoid putting it on someone's wall. Also, avoid posting too many pictures of children and pets - even though the individual loves them, 10 pictures every day can clog up people's news feeds.

There are also over-sharing issues that can cause security risks. For example, a person should not share their phone number or address on the site. This can open the door for scammers to steal a person's identity or provide burglars with your home address. In addition, tech-savvy hackers can use these two pieces of information to obtain a lot of personal data.

Those who want to post their number on the site for people to contact them may want to consider obtaining an additional phone number. This doesn't require the individual to purchase a new cell phone. A second phone number can be wired to users' normal cell phone, but allow them to screen calls or block certain numbers. This allows the user to have a personal phone line that is only shared with trustworthy friends and family.

Facebook is continually changing their privacy policies in order to increase user safety. According to MacWorld, the site recently asked its users to give their opinion on the newest set of policies to better protect themselves. Individuals should take advantage of these privacy protections while also filtering what they choose to post.