Social media can help the jobless find employment

Jun 14, 2012 14:07:26Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Social media can help the jobless find employment

Those who are looking for a job may want to ensure they are set up with all the various social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter, and the most important - LinkedIn. According to The Kansas City Star, LinkedIn far surpasses Twitter and Facebook when it comes to job postings, and the site is known for successful recruitment of new employees.

A new report issued by Bullhorn Reach, a recruiting software supplier, analyzed the data of 77,500 recruiters across the country. They found 77 percent of their postings are going on LinkedIn, 54 percent on Twitter and 25 percent on Facebook, according to the media outlet. Also, only 21 percent of job postings are not listed on a social media site.

On these sites, the report shows restaurants beat all categories in the amount of job postings, with advertising, public relations, technology, health care, fashion and apparel, education and catering not far behind.

It may be wise for those who are having a tough time landing a job to set up their social media accounts to hopefully increase the chances, the news source reports.

Before posting a bunch of personal information on these sites to get some attention from recruiters, it is important to take into account some safety measures. According to Network World, there are a few tips everyone should keep in mind while setting up their accounts.

First off - do not give away too much information. Many job-seekers want to give their prospective employer the tools to contact them immediately. However, this does not mean a cell phone number and personal email address needs to be attached to every account. It may be a smart idea to purchase a second phone number and set up an additional email account. This way, these accounts will be just for prospective employers and will not be mixed up with family and friends.

Also, when it comes to LinkedIn, individuals should not put every aspect of their job history on the site. Instead, the person wants to include just enough information to be enticing to recruiters. Those who are eagerly looking for a job may want to keep the lengthy history, but once they land their dream job, they should cut back, the media outlet reports.