Privacy experts speak out after Twitter users posted debit card information

Jul 17, 2012 16:03:40Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Privacy experts speak out after Twitter users posted debit card information

News reports revealed last week that certain Twitter users are posting pictures of their debit and credit cards on the social media site, allowing any criminal access to their cards - and money.

Now, experts from around the world are speaking out to inform more people about the dangers of posting these pictures online. They are explaining to Twitter followers what can happen if their card number is taken, according to the Herald Sun.

"You are unnecessarily exposing yourself to identity fraud. Using the internet to purchase things can be safe but posting a photograph of your credit card in an open source environment is fraught with danger," E-Crime Unit Detective Senior Constable Marty Nicholls told the news source. "If someone was to post an image of their credit card with their credit card number clearly visible on the internet, I don't think it would take long for that card to be used fraudulently."

The Twitter account that fell under scrutiny collected any picture of a debit or credit card and re-tweeted it. So, those who followed the account were easily able to swipe a person's information. The communications manager from Twitter explained it is against the rules for a person to post someone else's personal information without their consent. The company does not monitor the site, but if a problem is reported, they will look into it, the media outlet reports.

It does seem as though some internet users are starting to become aware of their internet privacy and are making moves to protect it. A recent survey conducted by TRUSTe found 60 percent of adults are more concerned about their online security than they were a year ago.