How a Second Mobile Number Can Save You From Social Media Headaches

Dec 28, 2012 18:10:12Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

How a Second Mobile Number Can Save You From Social Media Headaches

Social media can be a fun way to stay connected with friends, learn about new websites or share your everyday thoughts, but sites like Facebook and Twitter can also lead to some privacy headaches. If you use your smart phone to tweet and post, then you need to take measures to make sure your mobile security stays intact. Adding two phone numbers on one phone is just one way that you can make sure you don't run into any problems when interacting socially on the web.

Virtual Phone Numbers Bring Real Results
You may not have heard of the concept of second mobile numbers, but it's a service that's growing in popularity. Essentially, a virtual number will allow you to have two phone numbers on a single device. The second set of digits works just like a regular phone number, but it allows you to screen out phone calls and can even be shut off or disposed of when it's not needed.

So how does a second mobile number play into social media? If you are someone who likes to fill out your profile with personal information, it can allow you to list your mobile number or distribute it to your fans while still keeping one set of digits private.

Several Accounts, One Phone
Many people today have multiple social media accounts, including two or more on the same site. For instance, you may have one Facebook account that you use for friends and family and another that is strictly for business purposes. If this is the case, then the benefits of adding a second mobile number to your phone are clear. Adding a second number will allow you to keep your personal and business matters separate, including social media. When you receive Facebook messages or direct tweets from friends and family who need your phone number, you can give them your personal digits, while saving the other set of numbers for colleagues.

The world of social media is complex, and it can be easy to get tangled up when trying to manage several accounts. Don't let your busy virtual social life get in the way of your Twitter and Facebook success - add a second mobile number to your device and save yourself the headache.