Why a Second Phone Number Makes Sense for At-home Workers

Jan 8, 2013 17:14:29Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Why a Second Phone Number Makes Sense for At-home Workers

If you're one of the many Americans who routinely works from a home office, you know how much of a balancing act it can be. A freelancer has to be his or her own boss, and the responsibility of being productive each and every day falls squarely on his or her own shoulders. This is why telecommuters and others who work from home must take measures to clearly separate their business life and personal life, and a second phone number is just one way they can do this.

Designating an Office Space
If you find you are distracted while working from home, then you may be able to maintain your focus by creating a home office. This can be a full room that you use to work every day, or simply a small area that contains a desk. You may want to speak to an accountant or review the laws in your state to figure out what designates a tax-deductible home office.

Following a Schedule
One of the benefits of working from home is that it allows for a more flexible schedule. However, it's all too easy to say "I'll do it later," when you don't have a concrete daily plan. There are many time-management apps for your smart phone that can help you keep track of how many hours you're working - and how many you're spending goofing off.

If Problems Still Persist
Unfortunately, not all distractions can be blocked simply by a closed door. Sometimes, freelancers may lose productivity because they receive personal phone calls or texts when they should be working on a project. Some people who work from home may not have the finances to purchase a smart phone that is strictly for business use, which means they'll have to find a different way to block out these personal messages. One way to do this is to list two phone numbers on one phone. This way, at-home workers can simply switch off their personal number while still remaining available to take phone calls from clients and business associates.

Mobile technology makes it easier than ever to conduct business outside of an office, but it takes self-discipline to be a successful at-home worker. There are tools today, like a virtual phone number, that can help freelancers and telecommuters stay on top of their game.