Top Three Reasons Why You Should Hide Your Number When Calling From a Cell Phone

Nov 30, 2012 14:04:39Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Hide Your Number When Calling From a Cell Phone

Remember the days before caller ID? You could ring up just about anyone and odds were they'd pick up, because they wouldn't know if it was a telemarketer or their grandmother calling. Nowadays, almost all cell phones are equipped with caller ID, which is why many people choose to screen out numbers that are unfamiliar. There are some drawbacks to this built-in function, however, and there may be circumstances when you need to list an additional phone number to hide your digits. Here are three examples of when this measure may be necessary.

1. Calling Someone You Don't Know
Sometimes you have to make calls to someone you don't know well. Perhaps you are doing business on a website like Craigslist and have to reach out to a potential buyer or seller, or you may be ringing up a potential suitor from an online dating website. In either circumstance, it's essential that you protect your privacy, as scammers have been known to scour for victims on both of these types of sites. Using a second mobile number will ensure that your digits won't be given out to a sketchy wheeler and dealer or scamming sleaze.

2. Making a Business Call
If you use your personal mobile device to make business calls, then you also may want to consider a second phone number, especially if you work with individual clients. Many people are familiar with this scenario: You're just sitting down to eat with the family when your cell phone goes off. You look at the caller ID, and sure enough it's one of your more needy clients calling you well after office hours. If you use two cell phone numbers, then you can screen out these business calls or simply block them during personal time, thus hiding your true phone number.

3. Calling an Unfamiliar Organization
Here's another potentially familiar scenario: You're looking for a new apartment, and after sending an email, the realtor tells you to call a specific number to get a credit check. This may seem like a normal request, but after you've made the call, you never hear from the landlord again. You do, however, hear from the credit checking company - about nine times a day. If you hide your number when calling from a cell phone, they won't be able to ring you back with annoying sales pitches.

There are many other reasons why it's a good idea to keep your cell phone number private, so remember - practice vigilance!