Telecommuting Tips: The Best Accessories

Nov 29, 2012 18:53:34Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Telecommuting Tips: The Best Accessories

If you're a frequent telecommuter, you may be frustrated that you don't have your office equipment available when you're at home. Fortunately, many companies now make products that are ideal for at-home workers, whether you're looking to protect your mobile security or prevent back injury while on the job. Here are some excellent accessories you may want to pick up this holiday season.

Go Mobile
Some people choose to work from home because they're tired of being "chained to their desk." But what's the point of telecommuting if you're simply chaining yourself to the desk or table you work on at home? Having the ability to "go mobile" is one of the best aspects of telecommuting, but to make it feasible, you'll need a few products. First, you'll need to change in your clunky desktop computer for something more lightweight. Pick up a nice bag or carrying case so that your new laptop doesn't get damaged while you're in transit.

If you plan on telecommuting while traveling, you'll need a mobile device that you can use to check emails and send messages while in between wireless connections. Consider installing an additional phone number on the device that you can use exclusively for work, and invest in a nice set of headphones with a mic attached to make business calls on the go.

If you live in an area that doesn't have wireless around every corner, then you may want to purchase a mobile hotspot These can be small USB plugins that emit wireless signals, though some mobile phones have the ability to act as a hotspot as well. Be sure to check with your mobile carrier to see what sort of charges may apply if you choose the latter option.

Get Comfortable
The other major benefit to working from home is that you can be much more comfortable than you would be at your office. Wearing pajamas while you work is one thing, but you should also buy a few things to make sure you are comfortable sitting for long hours at home. If you don't have one, purchase a nice, ergonomic chair on wheels so you can easily get up and down.

If you work on a laptop, do yourself a favor and purchase a stand that will elevate it so you're not always staring down at the screen. You may also want to pick up a larger keyboard and wireless mouse to make your business more manageable.

Once you get a few extra products for your home office, you'll find telecommuting to be a much more pleasant experience.