Protecting Yourself From Mobile Phone Theft

Jun 6, 2013 15:33:58Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Protecting Yourself From Mobile Phone Theft

When you hear the term "cell phone security," you probably think of things like installing anti-virus software on your device or using a second mobile number when giving your digits out to strangers. While these are both good ways to protect your mobile identity, there is another danger that often goes overlooked - cell phone theft. The number of phones stolen in the U.S. every day is staggering, so keep the following tips in mind to make sure your mobile device stays in your hands:

1. Don't Flaunt It If You Got It
You may be proud that you have the latest iPhone or Samsung device, but flaunting your fancy phone in public is a bad idea. When you flash your device while riding the subway, sitting in a movie theater or walking down a busy street, you are basically saying, "Come steal from me!" to any thieves who may be lurking nearby. Even resting your phone on your leg while you read a magazine on a park bench is dangerous - believe it or not, some thieves have been brazen enough to steal phones right out of people's laps.

Public transportation is one of the most common places for cell phone theft, since thieves can snatch a phone just as a train is pulling into a station or a bus is approaching a stop, then get off and flee before you can get up and out the door.

2. Put Your Phone In One Place
How many times over the past month have you misplaced your phone? It can be annoying if you lose your mobile device for a short period of time, but there's a larger issue that comes with not knowing where your phone is at any particular time. Perhaps you're rushing about running errands and realize you don't know where your phone is. You may just move on, thinking you'll find it later, only to discover that it's been stolen off your person. The sooner you realize your phone has been stolen, the better, so it's important to find a way around this issue. Your best bet is to have one single place where you keep your phone at all times. Perhaps it's your right-hand pocket or a special compartment on your purse - wherever you choose, make sure you always leave it there, and you'll realize very quickly when it's gone missing.

3. Watch Out for Scams
Sometimes, thieves don't just suddenly grab your phone and run off. There are some people out there who use people's sympathy to steal their phone from them. You may be approached by someone who has a sob story - perhaps they've lost their phone and are in an emergency situation. If they ask to use yours, you must refuse, no matter how honest the person may seem. You don't have to be completely rude - for example, you could offer to make the call for him or her. If he or she refuses this offer, odds are you were talking to a thief anyway.

Don't let yourself become a victim of phone theft. Do everything in your power to protect your device.