How a Second Phone Number Can Save You Money

Jan 7, 2013 17:04:03Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

How a Second Phone Number Can Save You Money

If you've done research into purchasing a second phone number for your mobile device, you've probably discovered how the service can protect your mobile security and ward off scammers. But did you know that a virtual phone number can also save you money? Here are a few examples of how having two phone numbers on one phone can help you keep money in your wallet.

No More Work Devices
In today's economy, many companies rely on computers, tablets and smart phones to conduct day-to-day business. While these pieces of technology can make operations much easier, they come at a hefty price. Purchasing a new device for each and every employee can seriously eat into a business's budget.

One way some companies skirt this problem is by employing a "bring your own device" policy, or BYOD, at the office. This allows workers to use their own tablets, smart phones and the like for both work and personal matters. This solution presents a new problem, however, as some workers may be distracted by personal calls and texts they receive while at the office. This can cut into productivity, which is why some employers choose to give workers two phone numbers on the same phone. This way, staff can block out personal calls and messages during office hours.

Family Plans Made Easy
Families can also save money by having an additional phone number. Parents who want their kids to be able to use a cell phone don't have to purchase a brand new device for their child. Instead, they can put a second mobile number on their own phone and share it with the younger members of the family. Couples who live together can also do this so that they only have to pay one phone bill every month.

Financial security
If you already understand how a second set of telephone digits can help you keep scammers at bay, consider the financial benefits that come with this protection. Typically, the goal of a personal cyber attack is to extract banking information, which often results in fraudulent charges. Sometimes these phony withdrawals go unnoticed for so long that police and investigators are not able to recoup the losses later. The additional protection of a second mobile number can cut down on the likelihood of such a situation.

If you're looking to trim your budget, consider getting a second phone number on your mobile device. Such a service can have a major impact on how much you spend every month!