Hidden Dangers of Your Mobile Device

Nov 20, 2012 17:30:44Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Hidden Dangers of Your Mobile Device

As a mobile phone user, you probably know lots of tricks to keep your trusty device safe and sound. You have a bumper or case to protect it from scratches, loyally charge it every night, and make sure to keep it away from water at all costs. But there are some personal dangers that may stem from poor mobile device behavior, and you need to be aware of them to protect your mobile privacy.

Texting while anything
You've probably seen those campaigns that warn of the dangers of texting and driving, and it's a very serious concern. According to TextingAndDrivingSafety.com, around 23 percent of auto collisions last year involved cell phones, a figure that represents an estimated 1.3 million accidents.

It's not just texting and driving that is dangerous, however. There are a multitude of activities that require your full visual attention, and for these, texting should be off limits. For instance, pedestrians who walk and text may be putting themselves in danger of walking into traffic or colliding with a bicyclist. It may seem silly, but texting while moving along a sidewalk is not a good idea.

Parents, you may want to capture every moment of your child's life on your cell phone camera, but spending too much time paying attention to your mobile device can leave kids feeling neglected and put them in danger. During certain activities, such as navigating crowds, kids need to be supervised at all times, which means phones must go ignored.

Sneaky hackers
You may think that you're so technologically savvy that you don't need to worry about hackers because you know all the warning signs, but even if you never click on funny looking links and you watch your spam filter like a hawk, it's important to remember that hackers and spammers are actively working to create new schemes that will fool even the most secure individuals.

Keep in mind that your friends and family may not be as difficult to dupe. Scammers will often use a hacked account to harm the cell phone security of the first victim's friends. If you see a message from a friend pop up on your phone and it seems a bit odd or out of character, its best just to ignore it and find a way to get in touch with your friend to alert him or her to any mobile security concerns you have.

Remember, your mobile device is meant to enhance your ability to function in today's highly technological world. If you aren't smart when texting or surfing the web on your phone, you could be putting yourself in danger.