February Success: V-Day

Feb 28, 2013 17:21:47Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

February Success: V-Day

With February nearly over, let's take a look back at an event that was a huge success during the month - V-Day. No, we're not talking about Valentine's Day, though the core moment for this event did fall on the 14th of the month. We're referring to the movement known as V-Day, an effort to spread awareness about violence against women and garner support to bring about its end.

What is V-Day?
Though much of the emphasis of V-Day falls on February 14, it's an ongoing awareness campaign, and events related to V-Day will continue throughout the year. This year's main campaign, however, saw participants on six different continents, a strong reminder that women's safety is a global issue. Many of the V-Day events are centered on dance, performance and art, as these media can powerfully convey the message that women must be protected from violence and receive full equality alongside their male counterparts. In addition, organizers and participants hold fundraisers and various campaigns to support groups that provide services for women. The events are tailored depending on where they are taking place. For example, V-Day groups helped establish an organization known as Karama, which gives aid to women living in Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

One Billion Rising
This year was an important one for V-Day, as it marked the campaign's 15th anniversary. To commemorate this momentous occasion, V-Day launched the One Billion Rising initiative, which invited one billion women and the men who support them to rise up and join the cause through dance, marches and events being held around the world. The one billion figure is significant, as approximately one out of every three women will experience violence at some point in her life. This means more than one billion women internationally will be impacted by violence. Some major players stepped up to join the One Billion Rising campaign this year, including Amnesty International, the National Institute of Women, New York University and hundreds more.

How You Can Help
If you're interested in becoming part of the V-Day movement, pay a visit to their website to see how you can sign up for an event. Additionally, you can take measures within your community to spread awareness about violence against women. You can do something as simple as start a discussion about safe dating tips or get in touch with a local theater group to stage an awareness performance.