Crucial Security Tips for Small Business Owners

Apr 1, 2013 15:02:21Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Crucial Security Tips for Small Business Owners

You may think that only big businesses can be affected by security problems, but privacy invasions can happen to a business of any size. If your company deals in data that's transmitted online, then security has to become your top priority. Here are a few crucial tips that will help you protect employee privacy and keep data secure:

Investing in IT
The value of a good IT team can't be underestimated. You may think that you're savvy with internet applications and technology, but in order for business to run smoothly, you can't be devoting all of your attention to keeping your data safe. A good IT team with extensive training will be able to not only treat any issues that crop up, but can also help you create contingency plans and privacy policies.

BYOD Considerations
You've probably heard of the term "BYOD," which stands for "bring your own device." This is a popular trend, as many employees appreciate being able to use their personal devices at the office. BYOD policies can also save you money in the long run, but not if you don't put measures in place to ensure that your employees aren't putting data at risk by improperly using their mobile devices. Equipping your employees with a second phone number is one method, as if their personal number is compromised, they won't have to ditch their work number to correct the issue. Make sure you have thoroughly explained to your employees how to safely use their machines during office hours and at home.

Consider an Intraweb
Most security breaches occur externally, so creating an intraweb for your business could limit your vulnerabilities. Basically, an intraweb could allow your employees to send emails and transmit information to one another without having to access the internet at large. The aforementioned IT team can help set this up and monitor its usage. Of course, you'll still have to allow some access to the internet, but the IT team should put some restrictions on what sort of sites can be accessed.

Departing Employees
One of the most common ways data is compromised occurs when an employee leaves a company. He or she may accidentally share business information if you have a BYOD policy, so make sure you wipe any business data from departing employees' devices.

Don't let security failures keep your business down. Make security your top priority, and business revenue will follow.