Cell Phone Security Tips for 2013

Jan 2, 2013 15:55:39Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Cell Phone Security Tips for 2013

The new year has arrived, and it's likely that over the next 365 days, we'll see some fascinating and exciting new pieces of technology released from companies like Apple and Microsoft. Because mobility is such a driving force in modern innovation, you can expect that new smart phones will be hitting the market this year. Unfortunately, hackers are also working hard to release new forms of malware and viruses that can be transmitted via cell phone, which is why it's essential that you protect your mobile security with a second phone number and a few other handy measures.

Adding a Virtual Phone Number
You're likely familiar with the concept of spam - those pesky emails that claim you've won a major prize or beg you to send money overseas. Most people are adept at filtering out these messages, but some may be surprised to find that text messages can also carry spam. Hackers send automated messages via text that make claims similar to those you might see in your email spam folder, and they can cause major problems for your smart phone. To protect yourself from these mobile spammers, you may want to consider adding two phone numbers on one phone. More often than not, hackers gain access to phone numbers that were entered into an untrustworthy website. You can use one set of digits for personal business, and enter your other disposable phone number into unfamiliar websites. Then, if your second number is compromised, you can simply dispose of it and not have to worry about malicious texts.

There's an App for That
Smart phones run on mobile applications, and developers have created various apps that can enhance your phone's security. Some programs can help you out in case your phone gets lost, either by remotely deleting your data or by alerting you to where the phone is. Others can make it hard for thieves to get into your phone - encryption software and password protection programs are essential in this day and age.

Smart phones are pocket computers, and just like our laptops and desktops, they carry a lot of valuable information. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you keep your phone safe and secure, so take action now before the year gets underway.