3 Cell Phone Rules for Parents of Teens

Jun 3, 2013 15:32:49Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

3 Cell Phone Rules for Parents of Teens

Modern moms and dads are tasked with the challenge of navigating a new and tricky aspect of parenting - cell phones. Many teenagers today feel they need a cell phone in order to keep up at school and stay in touch with friends and family. While mobile devices can be assets for teens, they can also open them up to a number of dangers, including mobile privacy invasions and cyber bullying. It's up to the parents to create rules that help keep their kids safe, and though some of them may not be popular with the teens of the household, they are absolutely necessary. Here are a few suggestions that will help your youngsters stay smart while using their smart phones:

1. No Phone Time
Thanks to social media applications, teenagers can sometimes have a hard time pulling their eyes away from their phone screens. This is not only bad for their eyes and posture, but can also interrupt much-needed family time. It may be wise to set up "no phone times" at your household. For instance, you can require everyone (Mom and Dad included) to shut off their devices while dinner is on the table. You may also want to ban phones from being used during homework time, unless your children use them to do research.

2. App Monitoring
Your kids probably don't want you looking at every single thing they do on their phones, but giving them too much privacy may mean that they are doing things on their phone that are unsafe. You can meet in the middle by suggesting that you monitor only the apps that your child is downloading. You can set up his or her phone so that a password (that only you know) is required to download apps. This way, you'll be able to screen for any programs that are inappropriate or could threaten your child's mobile security.

3. Information Posting
You must establish hard and fast rules about what information your child can share through his or her mobile device. You should advise your teens not to post any personal information like their cell phone number, address or school name on social media profiles. Additionally, tell the youngster in your home to only give out his or her number to people whom can be trusted. If your child needs to give out a cell phone number for school-related purposes, equip him or her with a second mobile number in case it falls into the wrong hands.

Parenting can be tough in the modern age, but being on top of your child's mobile security is a must!