Security experts at Black Hat admit to retaliatory hacking

Jul 26, 2012 16:33:01Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Security experts at Black Hat admit to retaliatory hacking

The annual Black Hat USA security conference is currently underway in Las Vegas. Industry experts will discuss mobile security and other privacy protections, and surveys that examine where these experts stand in the security world will be presented as well. Risk and security performance management solutions service nCircle polled 181 attendees at the conference and found 36 percent have participated in retaliatory hacking.

Retaliatory hacking is one of the many points of discussion, as some professionals feel if they fight back after someone hacks their information, the other company may not attack them again. However, others feel the complete opposite.

"Retaliatory hacking is a huge topic at Black Hat this year, but we should take these survey results with a grain of salt," said Tim 'TK' Keanini, CTO for nCircle. "It's safe to assume some respondents don't want to admit they use retaliatory tactics. It's very tempting to strike back out of anger and frustration. However, as infuriating as cyber criminals can be, this 'eye for an eye' code of justice can be extremely dangerous."

This is just one of the many surveys and studies that will be released during this two-day conference, which will cover all security issues in technology as of late.