Second Phone Numbers Are a Hollywood Must-Have

Dec 28, 2012 18:15:13Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Second Phone Numbers Are a Hollywood Must-Have

If you're in the entertainment industry, you know that one of the biggest challenges is dealing with the public. Whether you're an actor, an agent or a director, you've probably had at least one or two encounters with movie junkies, starstruck fans or critics that have been unpleasantly intimate. For this reason, many members of Tinsel Town's elite use virtual phone numbers.

Celebrities and those who work with them shouldn't have to let the limelight deprive them of certain everyday luxuries like cell phones. But those in Hollywood may find it difficult to maintain their privacy when using these devices - if you need proof, think back to that fateful day in 2005 when Paris Hilton's personal phone number was leaked.

In February of that year, the contents of Hilton's phone, including her list of contacts that contained other well-known celebrities' personal numbers, were published online, reports CNET. Though it's likely that this was a malicious attack against Hilton, it goes to show that celebrities must take measures to make sure their digits stay private.

One way to do this is to use two phone numbers on one phone. This will allow famous individuals and their staff to give out one set of digits to fans and business contacts while still keeping a private number that is only given out to close family and friends. Taking such measures could help prevent nightmare scenarios like the one Hilton found herself in several years ago.

There are other mobile privacy issues that are of concern to celebrities. One of the most recent has to do with Instagram, the online photo sharing application owned by Facebook. Many celebrities use this service and other social media, and because they have a powerful voice in society, they are often vocal when they feel that user privacy is threatened.

Instagram recently announced changes to its privacy policy that would effectively allow it to sell users' photos for commercial use. Not surprisingly, this announcement caught the attention of many people, celebs included.

"As a model and more importantly as a human being I am horrified to read @instagram's new policy," tweeted Coco Rocha, according to GossipCenter. In another tweet, Kate Walsh put it more succinctly: "No more Instagram."

Privacy has been of the utmost concern for many celebrities, and with the advent of mobile technology, Hollywood stars must be more careful about what information they share. Adding a second phone number can make this process much simpler, especially for stars who like to keep their personal life under wraps.