Protect your cell phone from unknown callers

Jun 8, 2012 13:19:38Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Protect your cell phone from unknown callers

Many cell phone owners have experienced an unknown number calling their phone, with no message to key them in to who called. Even though this is most likely harmless, in some cases this number keeps calling, which can be quite frustrating. There are a few ways cell phone users can put a stop to this annoyance.

One option is to conduct a reverse cell phone number search, according to Yahoo. This way, the individual can find out if the anonymous caller is a predator, telemarketer or simply someone who has mixed up a phone number. This can be done online - but users should make sure to choose a credible site, which will likely require a fee.

If it is a telemarketer who continuously calls, the individual should make sure they are on the government-operated Do Not Call list. If they are, they should report the phone calls to either the Federal Trade Commission or Federal Communications Commission.

Finally, individuals can opt for an additional phone number, which they give out to only close friends and family. The other number, which can block calls at any time, can be set up for clients or coworkers.