How to Use Your Mobile Identity to Get a Job

Nov 21, 2012 16:58:25Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

How to Use Your Mobile Identity to Get a Job

Today's job market is extremely competitive, which means if you're on the hunt for new employment you have to pull out all the stops to make yourself stand out. One tool to help you land the ideal job may be nestled in your pocket or purse right now - your mobile device. As long as you make mobile privacy your top concern and avoid making any embarrassing social media mistakes, then your smart phone can serve you well in your search for new employment.

Step 1: Secure Your Device
Before you "go mobile" in your hunt for a job, make sure that your cell phone security measures are effective and up to date. This means installing any privacy protection software that you think is necessary, as well as updating the settings on any social media accounts you plan to access through your mobile device during the search period.

Step 2: Prep Your Social Media
When applying for a job, you should be sure to go through and delete or hide any unsavory posts or photos - they just might cost you your dream job. You may even want to set up a new Facebook profile that contains all of your business-appropriate information, including your work experience or a second phone number for business purposes.

Step 3: Download Some New Apps
Next, you'll want to update your phone with some of the best job-seeking apps on the market. LinkedIn, for example, runs a great app for job seekers, but you may also be interested in the Jobs by CareerBuilder App and's program.

Step 4: Make Yourself Available
If you're on the go a lot, you'll need to make sure that you're available at all times to take a call or send out your information. Using a mobile service like DropBox or Google Drive will allow you to download and send your resume or cover letter even while out and about. You may also want to add a virtual phone number to your device so that you can screen out personal calls when you're waiting for a potential employer to contact you.

Step 5: Start Networking
The next and final step may be the most difficult, but with a bit of dedication you may find it helps you land the job you want. When you're lying in bed or using public transportation, you can scour the aforementioned mobile services in search of professionals who may take you to the next level.

Follow these steps, and you may find that you are back in the workforce sooner than expected.