How to Get Rid of Persistent Automated Phone Calls

Aug 9, 2012 14:04:22Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

How to Get Rid of Persistent Automated Phone Calls

The majority of consumers have received automated phone calls, or "robocalls," over the years. Even though these calls are illegal unless the consumer has done business with the company in the past, they are still occurring across the country.

"The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has used its enforcement authority to stop companies that have made billions of auto-dialed calls, but acknowledges that technology has helped significantly increase these calls in recent years. This technology helps criminals generate calls from anywhere in the world and falsify caller ID technology to cover their steps," reports the Better Business Bureau.

While the FTC works to put an end to this form of solicitation, there are a few things individuals can do to stop these persistent phones calls, according to Money Talks News.

Remember mobile privacy, consumers do not have to hand over their numbers

Businesses may ask for a person's number, but consumers are not required to provide this information. Unless the customer is applying for a store credit card or there are other extenuating circumstances, they should not give out their phone number, as this can lead to automated calls.

However, these calls may still come through even if consumers take precautions. It is important to hang up right away, pressing buttons likely gets the consumer nowhere, and it confirms the phone number is live, according to the news source.

Sign up with Do Not Call Registry, how to file a complaint

Signing up for the Do Not Call Registry is a must, as it will at least stop solicitors who abide by the law. However, if a person has been on the list for over a month and is still receiving these calls, they should file a complaint with the FTC. Even if the individual feels this will not solve anything, the FTC has fined violators. Plus, they are hosting a summit in October to discuss robocalls, and this may be a direct result of the many complaints, the media outlet reports.

It's election season, block political calls

Election season brings a boost in telemarketing phone calls, but there are ways to stop them. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, these continuous messages to vote for a local Congressman or Representative can become quite a nuisance. Individuals can sign up for the National Political Do Not Call Registry, which will likely stop these phones calls right away. Normally, after an individual puts their number on the list, they are also asked to report the calls to in hopes of terminating these calls entirely.