How a Virtual Phone Number Can Help Authors Manage Their Fan Base

Jan 9, 2013 17:22:27Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

How a Virtual Phone Number Can Help Authors Manage Their Fan Base

One of the perks of being a well-known author is the anonymity that comes with it. Unlike actors and musicians, many writers are able to maintain a normal day-to-day life without having to keep an eye over their shoulder for the paparazzi or hoards of fans in search of an autograph. However, many authors still must attend public events like book signings or seminars, which can throw their heavily guarded anonymity into danger. There are ways authors can protect their identity - for example, they can add a second phone number to their cell to keep their personal digits safe.

The Importance of a Pen Name
Some of the most famous authors don't put their actual name on the covers of their books, partially because they want to keep their real identity a secret. Choosing a good pen name also has a second benefit - creative monikers may be more enticing when sprawled across a dust jacket, especially for writers who have awkward- or bland-sounding names.

It's important, however, to keep one's real name and nom de plume separate, or else a second name will be pointless. This means that authors must be careful to manage all social media campaigns, advertisements and press events under their pen name. Writers may need to spend time training themselves to assume their alter ego when in public so as not to accidentally reveal their true identity when meeting fans.

The Role of a Virtual Phone Number
One way authors can be sure that their two identities will stay separate is by using a virtual phone number when dealing with fans, agents and readers. Having two phone numbers on one phone will allow writers to give one number out to editors, managers and loyal fans while still keeping one number that is just for friends and family.

Creating a Trusted Network
Authors who have hit the big time must also establish a strong network of support staff who can help them keep their identity secure. The professionals you work with, from your literary agent to your copy editor to your book designer, will play a vital role in maintaining your personal privacy. Do not hire these individuals lightly - you'll likely be relying on them throughout your career as an author.

Thanks to the advent of digital publishing, even small authors are able to reach large audiences. Creating a pen name and maintaining that identity can help popular writers keep their personal information safe.