Casual Friday: Travel Tips for Business Types

Oct 26, 2012 17:32:51Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Casual Friday: Travel Tips for Business Types

Now more than ever, small business owners are likely to travel frequently for work. Weather you're the head of your own marketing agency or manage a fleet of retail shops, you may find yourself traveling to meet clients, check on branches of your business or attend conferences. Don't let yourself get stranded while on the road - take these trip tips to heart.

Adopt a Minimalistic Attitude
One of the biggest challenges of traveling is making sure you're equipped when you arrive at your destination. Airport travel can be a major hassle these days, so when packing, try to keep it as light as possible. If you're new to traveling, a good practice is to lay out everything you want to bring, and then leave half of it at home. It may be difficult to part with some of your items, but you'll be wearing a big smile when you zip right past baggage claim with your single  bag on your shoulder.

Roll don't fold
A great way to maximize the space in your suitcase is to roll items instead of folding. This not only prevents wrinkling, it makes it easier to fit items in. Take your clothing and roll it up as tightly as you can, then stuff them into gallon plastic bags. It might feel silly, but sitting on these bags and then zipping them up can help get all the air out and save major space.

Be Careful When Going Mobile
Part of what makes it so easy for business owners to travel is the fact that mobile technology is so advanced. You can pack up your smart phone, tablet and computer in your carry-on and still have plenty of room for more stuff. If you aren't careful with your products while on the road, however, you could put your internet security at risk.

Try to avoid using open WiFi connections, especially if you're doing important tasks like mobile banking. If you're worried about your cell phone going off during a meeting, then you may want to add an additional phone number to screen out personal calls while on the road, and save yourself the space (and cost) of an extra device.

Create Road Relationships
When traveling, you may recognize some familiar faces at airports, on trains or in hotels, and it's never a bad idea to make friends with those you see. If you have a favorite airline or hotel chain, go ahead and introduce yourself to stewards and hoteliers, especially if you plan on taking the same route or visiting the same locations often. Who knows - it may pay off with a free upgrade some day.

Keep all these tips in mind, and your life on the road will be ten times easier. Bon voyage!