Using a Second Mobile Number to Keep Hackers at Bay

Dec 31, 2012 17:14:08Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Using a Second Mobile Number to Keep Hackers at Bay

Your smart phone is essentially a miniature computer, and like a laptop or a desktop, it is vulnerable to all sorts of cyber threats. If you've installed a second mobile number on your device, you can use it to help keep dangerous issues at bay, provided you use the additional digits wisely. Here are some ways to enhance your security when you have two phone numbers on one phone.

Entering Information on an Unfamiliar Website
If you have to sign up for a membership on a website, there's a good chance you'll be asked to enter your cell phone information. While it may be OK to give your digits to a website you trust, if you aren't familiar with a certain company, then you could be putting your mobile security in danger by giving out your phone number. This is where your second set of digits comes in handy. Use your second mobile number when entering info into a website you're visiting for the first time. If that site turns out to be malicious or uses your number in a dishonest way, you can simply dispose of the digits and you won't have to worry about them contacting you again.

Using the Digits for Craigslist and eBay
Even some well-known websites may be harboring unscrupulous individuals. Craigslist and eBay are popular sites for people who want to sell or purchase personal items, but they are also used by scammers who are looking to exploit users' personal information. If you are a frequent visitor to either of these sites, then your virtual phone number can be an added layer of protection between you and the fraudsters on the site.

When you list an item or contact a seller, you will likely exchange a few messages before you make a transaction. However, even if these initial messages seem harmless, you can never be certain that you're dealing with a trustworthy individual. Giving out a personal phone number to a stranger is a bad idea under any circumstance, but an additional number means you can keep your personal digits secure.

Safety in the World of Dating
If you're a single individual, then a second phone number can be an effective way to maintain your personal safety. Online daters in particular can benefit from this service. Much like the aforementioned websites, fraudsters are likely to use dating websites to search for their next victim. A second mobile number can throw such individuals off your trail.

Aside from scammers, people who use the web to find love may be concerned that they will eventually meet up with someone who becomes obsessive. If you end up in a threatening situation, you'll be happy that you didn't give your real set of digits to a potentially dangerous individual.

Having a second set of numbers is a smart move for any mobile phone user. While these three scenarios may be the most common reason people enlist a second set of digits, there are many other benefits of having two phone numbers on one phone.