Top Five: The Dangers of Online Dating

Nov 30, 2012 17:11:41Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Top Five: The Dangers of Online Dating

If you're looking for love on the web, there's a good chance you'll find it. But before you take the plunge into online dating, make sure you know how to do it safely by following this dating advice for women.

1. Fooled by Fraudsters
Not everyone on dating websites is looking for love. Some people are just looking to make a quick buck, and they're willing to threaten your mobile security to do so. Don't let your search for love end up in stolen credit card numbers or personal information.

The Advice: Always think twice! If someone seems too good to be true, he probably is. Set up a second mobile number and email address so you can be contacted without giving up personal data.

2. Dissed by Ditching
So you thought you really had a connection with a guy, but after a while he stops responding to your messages? Don't let it get you down - there could be any number of reasons why he stopped responding, and you're probably better off without him anyway.

The Advice: Move on! There are hundreds of other fish in the online sea.

3. Harmed by Humiliation
You want to date online, but you're worried that your friends and family will rib on you for signing up for a site. It's not an uncommon problem, but it's easy to fix.

The Advice: Get over it! The taboo about online dating is a thing of the past, and anyone who still thinks it's silly needs to update their opinion.

4. Angered by Advertisers
Another common occurrence: You thought you were just signing up for a dating website, but soon you start seeing spam and ads flooding your inbox.

The Advice: Delete your profile from the dubious dating site. When you try a new site, give out the fake email address and second phone number we mentioned earlier

5. Scarred by Stalkers
One more scary scenario: You messaged a guy once or twice, and decided to move on. Despite your protests, he won't leave you alone, and is begging you for a date.

The Advice: Stay calm. If he's threatening you in any way, go to the police, and inform the website. Otherwise, just ignore him and he'll soon get the message.

Keep these tips in mind and you'll be sure to have a fun time when surfing for love. Happy hunting!