Three Reasons You Should Add an Extra Phone Number to Your Cell

Dec 6, 2012 17:14:29Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Three Reasons You Should Add an Extra Phone Number to Your Cell

Are you old enough to remember the days when land lines were king? Most homes had at least two telephones, and when you heard them ringing you picked up, because caller ID hadn't been invented yet. Nowadays, many homes have given up their land lines because every member of the family has a cell phone in their pocket at all times. But there's one thing that those old land lines offered us that most mobile phones don't - the ability to have two phone numbers on one phone. However, that trend is changing, as many people are actually adding a second phone number to their primary mobile device. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider doing the same.

1. Your Invasive Work Life
If you're the type who's married to your work, then you may find it difficult to separate your personal life from your hours at the office. There's nothing wrong with being dedicated to your job, but it's important to step away to spend time with family and friends or just have some much-needed alone time. Unfortunately, this can be difficult if your colleagues and clients make your phone ring off the hook well after office hours. If this sounds familiar, then adding a second phone number can be a godsend. You can give your extra set of digits to your work contacts and simply disable or block that number after you've left the office.

2. Sharing Is the Name of Your Game
Many couples choose to share mobile devices to save money. If this is the case, it can be difficult to have only one mobile number. To keep things organized, add an additional number - one for you and one for your partner.

3. Scammers Got Your Digits
Sick of getting phony text messages claiming you've won a free cruise to the Bahamas? If you're receiving lots of mobile spam, odds are that at some point you gave your cell phone number out to a website or service that wasn't what it claimed to be. This can happen even on seemingly trustworthy sites like Craigslist or dating pages. To prevent this problem in the future, add an additional phone number to your account. Use that number when signing up for new websites, and you'll easily evade incessant messages from scammers.

If any of these scenarios hit home, you may want to look into getting a second phone number.