The not-so-fun part of online dating

Jul 10, 2012 15:16:11Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

The not-so-fun part of online dating

Searching for Mr. Right can be difficult, especially when you have to sort through a great deal of frogs to find that perfect prince. Online dating has been growing in popularity, which means the number of Mr. Not-So-Charmings on sites like OkCupid and are likely growing. According to the Toronto Star, there are a few tales ladies have lived through that others can learn from - not only to avoid heartbreak, but to protect their internet privacy.

What's that on your ring finger?

You may have heard tales of men who are still married and searching for something extra online - and these men do exist. One woman shared her story with the news source.

"One man said he was living in a basement apartment and visiting his kids on weekends. It didn't ring true, as he was in banking and talked about making a lot of money, so it seemed strange he was living in someone’s basement," she told the news outlet.

Lo and behold, on their third date he admitted he was still living with his wife, but claimed the relationship was lacking intimacy. However, that was the end of the online flirtation.

Beware of pic hunters

One woman was baffled by the people who were seeking her out, especially when they clearly had nothing in common.

"My profile says I'm athletic, love spending time doing sports and hiking, work in the physical health and fitness field and would never smoke," the woman told the news outlet. "My photo shows a whole-body view of me in a dress. I am slim and toned. Yet many men who emailed me were visibly and heavily overweight and some were also smokers."

This is one example of men not quite looking at a person's entire profile - or any of it for that matter, except for the profile picture.

Dropped off the radar

Even if you think you've found "the one," when dating via the web, it's always best to keep your guard up for the first few dates at least. Some women may have the tendency to get too involved with someone right off the bat, and in some cases, the person vanishes out of thin air - or so it seems.

In one instance, a woman told the media outlet she got to know a man and the two went on a few dates. Once they both decided to get intimate, she never heard from him again. While there's no proof that this man was up to any funny business, it will soften the blow of a disappearing suitor if you try to keep your emotional distance, at least for a little while.

These are just a few stories that do not give the fairytale ending many expect when the log on for love. Do you have any to add to help out your fellow online dating companions?