Online Dating Statistics You Need to Know

Dec 26, 2012 12:00:00Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Online Dating Statistics You Need to Know

Are you weighing the pros and cons of online dating? If so, then knowing a few basic online dating facts and statistics can be very beneficial. Concrete figures can not only help you determine if web-based romance is right for you, they can also serve as online dating advice for women.

The Basics
One of the most heavily cited studies on online dating is the 2009-2010 Recent Trends: Online Dating from and Chadwick Martin Bailey. The most telling factoid from this survey: Around 17 percent of couples who had married in the three years preceding the study first met online. That translates into about one out of every six recently married couples. Around one in five single people has dated someone they met through an online matchmaking service, and around one out of every five people in a new committed relationship, including a marriage, says they met their partner on such a website.

CWebNews reports that dating is the third most popular service offered on the web, preceded only by music and gaming. The online dating industry is booming, with a growth rate of approximately 154 percent annually. The U.S. in particular sees high traffic on these websites, with around 58 percent of American women and 48 percent of American men saying they've used online dating services.

The dangers
Not all of these online dating statistics are pretty, however. CWebNews reports that the number of scammers creating online dating profiles in an attempt to lure personal information out of legitimate daters is on the rise. Over the past two years, around 10 percent of the accounts created on "free-to-subscribe dating sites" were phony. This is why it's important that singles limit the amount of personal info they put on their profiles by adding a second mobile number and email address, which can easily be destroyed should they fall into the wrong hands.

Even legitimate daters are prone to lying, according to research from Opinion Matters. Its 2011 study found that 32.3 percent of respondents admitted to having lied about their weight on a dating service, and 18.4 percent said they'd used an out-of-date photo on their profile.

Online dating is clearly a successful endeavor for many, but those who don't play it safe by adding two phone numbers on one phone and withholding personal information may end up in trouble.