Online dating: Paid vs. free sites

Aug 2, 2012 16:36:53Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Online dating: Paid vs. free sites

When choosing an online dating option, some people look into the pros and cons of each. Due to the large number of providers, it can be overwhelming to figure out which kind of site to try. But just like picking a mate, there are some things to consider before taking the plunge.

Scammers are less likely to pay

A main concern for online daters is becoming victim to a scam, but users of paid sites can breathe a sigh of relief. reports the odds are much lower of scammers paying to register for a site, since these criminals are trying to make money, not spend it.

In addition, the paid sites are more likely to monitor the caliber of users enrolling in the service. This can not only protect the dater's internet privacy, but also lead to fewer bad experiences, according to the news source.

Free sites have plenty to offer, too

Saving some money can be more appealing to the budget-conscious dater, particularly if he or she is saving for a night on the town. Free sites are not all bad, as long as the dater uses his or her best judgment. A couple of factors played into free sites gaining traction in the online dating world. These providers have improved their services to give people an added sense of security by offering enhanced and specific search options, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

An additional factor bringing people to these free sites is the surge of social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn users have grown accustomed to not paying, and are less inclined to spend money to use an online site.

Paid online dating sites offering free options

The daters who are afraid of commitment may find this option the most appealing. Since free sites have gained so much popularity, some paid services are offering free but limited use of their sites, such as, Bloomberg reports. This allows users to try the site before they buy.

This kind of offering allows a prospective online dater to get the best of both worlds. Since free sites can be used at no cost, an online dater can sign up for these as well. If the individual feels he or she is better suited for a free site, many of the paid sites offer money back guarantees, leaving the online dater in a win-win situation.