Online Dating Advice for Women and More Tips for Singles Awareness Day

Jan 9, 2013 17:11:08Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Online Dating Advice for Women and More Tips for Singles Awareness Day

Valentine's Day isn't far off, and happy couples will soon be flooding restaurants and other intimate spots to show how much they love each other. February 14 can be a great holiday for people in healthy, committed relationships, but for the single folks out there, the holiday is often a nightmare. Fortunately, a new holiday has been created for unattached individuals - Singles' Awareness Day, which falls on the day after Valentine's. If you're planning on celebrating Singles' Awareness Day by searching for romance, here is some dating advice for women and men. If you aren't looking for love, we have some advice for you, too!

1. Getting Back Into the Game
If you spend all of February 14 wallowing in self pity, then use February 15 as a day to pick yourself up out of the dumps and begin an earnest look for love. This doesn't mean you have to head to your local bar on the day after Valentine's - it may be easier to date online in the comfort of your own home. However, if you're a novice to the online dating scene, then you'll need to take a few measures to protect your online privacy. When setting up dates, make sure you agree to meet in a very public place, in case the person you are meeting ends up being a creep. For the same reason, don't list your personal phone number on your dating profile. Instead, list a second mobile number that you can use to block out any unwanted calls.

2. Focus on Friends
If you aren't looking for a relationship at the moment, you still have reason to celebrate Singles' Awareness Day. Instead of heading out on a one-on-one date, gather a group of your other single friends for a fun-filled holiday. You can go out to a restaurant or movie as a "group date" or simply stay at home, watch a few movies and talk about the benefits of being single.

Group hangouts not your thing? Then pick your very best friend and celebrate with him or her one on one. You can even pretend you're a couple out on a date - make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and see if you can fool your waiter.

3. Celebrate on Your Own
Why not truly embrace the meaning of "single" by spending a day entirely on your own? Make a list of all of the things you love to do most, and see how many you can knock out in 24 hours. Go to the spa, watch your favorite film, cook your favorite meal or visit that hot spot you've always wanted to see - and don't feel obligated to let anyone else know what you've got planned.

Just because you're not partnered doesn't mean you have to feel blue on Valentine's Day. Singles' Awareness Day can be equally fun, as long as you put your heart into it.