Offline Dating Sites Grow in Popularity

Dec 14, 2012 15:54:22Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Offline Dating Sites Grow in Popularity

Have you heard of offline dating sites? It's a term used to describe a new type of online romance service in which the goal is to bring the connection to the real world as quickly as possible. It may sound like a funny term, but it's the latest trend among the internet romance crowd, and it marks a significant change in the world of online dating.

Many online dating websites encourage users to have long chains of correspondence before taking a date to the real world, but these new offline dating sites flip that concept on its head, according to USA Today. These new services allow users to make a connection online, but advise them to set up a date quickly to see if there's chemistry when it comes time to meet face-to-face.

AARP is tapping into this idea through a new partnership with Through the website, users can make recommendations for interesting dates in the real world. People can then denote which ideas they like and meet people with similar interests.

"The core idea was to build an offline dating site that made it easy for people to say what they want to do for a date, connect and get off line," HowAboutWe's co-founder, Brian Schecter, told the news source.

HowAboutWe isn't the only website following this trend. Many established dating sites like, as well as new services like DinnerDate and CupidRadar, focus on taking the romance off the web.

The website takes a similar approach to the AARP's dating service, though it focuses on a broader age range. The website boasts a "three easy steps" model - users first post a date idea, then either accept others' posts or have their own approved by someone else, then set up an encounter in the real world.

Endless messaging via an internet dating website can lead to disappointment when people meet up in real life, so this trend may be beneficial for the online dating world. However, it's important that users of such services stay safe, as it can be dangerous to meet up with someone who is more or less a stranger. It's important to never give out personal information like a home address or cell number. Instead, provide a second phone number and suggest meeting up in a public place where both parties feel comfortable.