New online dating site offers a place to find a companion with the same interests

Jun 18, 2012 13:17:00Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

New online dating site offers a place to find a companion with the same interests

A new online dating site is incorporating ideas from various social media sites and creating a useful tool for Generation "D," which applies to those born after 1980. The new site, Pinstant Karma, allows users to access Visual Matching technology via "pin boards" to meet and connect with possible matches who have similar interests.

"The twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings of Generation 'D' are looking for innovation in online dating. They've grown tired of the dating websites geared toward older adults. Using Visual Interest Matching, Pinstant Karma allows you to start conversations or just flirt with people who have posted fun or compelling images about things that interest you," said the website's founder Doug Reffue.

Similar to Pinterest, but geared for singles, the site allows its users to browse the web and add all of their favorites to their profile. Individuals will "pin" foods they love, places they have been and activities they enjoy. When other singles browse the site, they can find people they have the same interests and desires with, and build a relationship from there.

Regardless of what online dating website a person chooses, it is imperative they practice safety tips when utilizing the site. According to Online Dating Magazine, some basic tips include not giving away too much personal information, such as a home phone number or address. When issuing a potential date with a cellphone number or email address, they may want to give a second phone number and additional email address to ensure privacy. Also, for the first meeting, be sure to meet up in a public place.