New Online Dating Site is Just for Students

Oct 3, 2012 12:58:18Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

New Online Dating Site is Just for Students

School is back in swing, and college campuses are once again full of co-eds hustling to and from class and cramming for exams. University lifestyle isn't solely about education - for many, it's an opportunity for romance. Some students may find it difficult to find dates, either because they're too busy or too shy to introduce themselves to others. This problem is what inspired the creators of, a new dating website tailored specifically for students and recent grads, according to the Ottawa Sun.

Christopher Grimmer and Marc Chouinard, both in their 20s, created the site last month, and have already registered 400 users in that time. Currently it's only open to a handful of Canadian schools, but the duo is looking to expand its reach.

"If you're in a class of 300 people and you see a girl that you like, but you don't have it in you approach [her], we are offering an avenue to make it easier to break down those barriers," Gimmer told the news source.

The creators also say the website can help individuals who are enrolled in a program that attracts a certain gender find classmates of the opposite sex for dates. Users on the site can use drop-down menus to sort through the type of people they'd like to meet, with options ranging from hair color to major.

Some students are skeptical about going online for love. Phillipe Muma, an alumnus of one of the schools targeted by, calls technology an "intimacy killer." Other students are more open to the idea, saying it helps students who don't live on campus connect with others.

Sharing such personal information can make it easy to meet others who will be interested in you, but it also puts you at risk when it comes to internet privacy issues. touts its security on its website, and only allows verified users to browse profiles, but students can enhance their safety by playing it smart when looking for romance.

Students who want to date safely on campus should get in touch with their campus security office and ask for advice or a report about campus crime history, according to Students should refrain from posting personal information on any social media website, including dating sites, and instead list a virtual phone number or relegate all communication with strangers strictly to the website.