New online dating platform mixes with bars and restaurants

Jul 18, 2012 17:19:08Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

New online dating platform mixes with bars and restaurants

A new online dating platform is trying to combine the bar and restaurant scene with the online dating world. Not only is this a good way for the establishments to keep in touch with clientele during off hours, but it lets the singles who met someone they liked at the bar continue their conversation online. The site is called eMatchopolis, and it gives bar patrons a place to hopefully get lucky in love.

This also offers the advantage of keeping yourself and your internet privacy safe and secure. People do not have to fill out lengthy questionnaires asking various questions, but the semantic technology gets to know the person over time. After a single man or woman has been on the site for a while, matches will develop. The goal for the site is for those bar and restaurant patrons, who are already active on the dating scene, to find the matches that are best for them.

When it comes to the establishments, all they have to do is pay a sign-up fee and then they can create their site. These sites will not only serve as a possible place for someone to find love, but the business can advertise promotions and local events. Plus, a singles party quite often can help promote the site.

Those who are have already jumped on board are happy with the results. One owner wrote, "I am beyond pleased with I have wanted to own and operate a dating site for years and have found an economical way to do so. I am over and above pleased with the services."

This site changes up closing time at an establishment, and the bar patrons may finally meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right.