How to get more responses on an online dating profile

Jul 25, 2012 15:42:04Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

How to get more responses on an online dating profile

Those who have taken their turn with online dating have stories to share - some found the love of their life while others are still looking for that special someone. According to LifeGoesStrong, the reason a person has had no luck may be due to their profile design and how they are using a dating site. Instead of getting upset with the lack of responses, online daters should look into why this is happening.

Try different internet dating services

Finding the right dating site can be more difficult than many people realize. According to the news source, certain sites can make a person truly shine, while another may not be the right fit. If a person is not receiving many emails on one service, they may want to switch it up to see if they get more attention through another provider.

Keep a sense of humor

Rejections and disappointments happen with online dating just as they do in real life. Instead of dwelling on the temporary bumps in the road, shrug them off. Having a great attitude and sense of humor can take a person a long way in the online dating world, the media outlet reports.

Check out the competition

When users first log onto their profile, they may want to immediately browse through their potential mates. However, it may be more beneficial to check out some of the competition first. This can be a good way to come up with ideas for creating one's own profile. For instance, if a user thinks another's headline stands out in a good way, he or she can use this as a guideline to come up with a unique profile. 

Safety first

When an individual is looking for love online, it can be hard to differentiate between potential mates who are in it for the right reasons and those who are not. According to, there are a number of things an online dater should keep in mind while developing a relationship to protect his or her internet privacy. It is important to never share any personal or financial information, keep identity anonymous until the user feels comfortable, and get to know the potential date online before scheduling a visit offline. Finally, if something does not seem right, report it and block the user.