How Can I Send Blocked Text Messages?

Dec 4, 2012 17:30:33Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

How Can I Send Blocked Text Messages?

Texting is ubiquitous these days, and many people use it as their preferred form of communicating when using a mobile device. It's a particularly beneficial tool for busy business types who need to send quick correspondences while on the go. However, those who use one device for both personal and business purposes may be wondering if there's a way they can send blocked text messages without offending clients and colleagues. One way to do this is by listing two phone numbers on one phone.

Why Ordinary Blocking Won't Cut It
There may be some ways to send blocked text messages by hiding your number or making it appear private, but they expose you to risks that could end up getting you in trouble. First, many people do not read text messages from blocked numbers because they believe they are spam or perhaps a form of mobile hacking. Second, if you use a private or completely blocked number, it will be impossible for the recipient to respond. Even if you're sending a text message that you don't think merits a response, it's possible that the person on the other end will need to verify something or let you know that the message was received.

How an Additional Phone Number Can Help
By adding an additional mobile number to your device, you'll be able to send text messages from either of your listings. This means that you can use one phone number to contact friends and family (whom you don't mind knowing your true number) while the other can serve as a way to get in touch with clients and business contacts. If you're worried that you'll be receiving incessant texts after office hours, then you can simply put a time limit for an automatic "shutdown" of the latter listing in order to prevent messages from coming in when you are otherwise occupied.

The second phone number can also be used to send texts that you feel may be slightly risky. For instance, if you are an online dater, you can use a second number to get in touch with potential matches, but you won't have to worry about them using your personal digits should you decide to end the relationship. You can also use it when doing business on websites like Craigslist, so that you won't have to give out your personal phone number to strangers.

There are plenty of reasons to send blocked text messages, but there are ways to do so without insulting or worrying your contacts.