Here's How to Make Your Phone Number Private

Dec 10, 2012 17:10:24Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Here's How to Make Your Phone Number Private

It can be hard to maintain anonymity in today's technological world. Many websites require you to use your real name or a social network profile to make comments and post content, while nearly every mobile phone has automatic caller ID. There are many reasons why you may want to keep your phone number private - perhaps you're dating online and want to list a phone number, but not your personal digits, or maybe you make frequent business calls but don't want your clients to be able to call you back whenever they want. Fortunately, there are ways to make your phone number private by adding a second phone number or adjusting your settings. Here are some tips.

Blocking your number
Some cell phones allow you to change your settings so that you can block your number. You'll have to investigate your device's privacy settings in order to do this, as each phone is a bit different. Look for an option that says "show my caller ID" - it may have a box next to it that you can check or uncheck as needed. Unfortunately, not all phones allow you to do this. If you are unsure, you can give your cell phone provider a call, but don't be surprised if you find out that it is, indeed, impossible. That means you'll have to resort to other, more surefire methods.

Adding a virtual phone number
Because services like *69 are often unavailable on mobile phones, and some devices can't be altered to block a number, your best bet may be to add a second mobile number. This option carries several advantages. First, it allows you to use a disposable phone number so that you can make calls and send texts without revealing your true digits. Second, having two phone numbers on one phone means you won't have to invest in a new device just to remain anonymous. Lastly, you won't be alienating people by showing up as "PRIVATE" on their caller id - your second phone number will look just like a regular number.

Don't let caller ID restrictions limit what you can do. Making your number private will let you rest easy knowing that no scammers or fraudsters will be able to get a hold of your real phone number, or that your clients and colleagues won't have access to your personal digits.