Have an online profile? Show it to your friends

Jun 26, 2012 15:04:00Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Have an online profile? Show it to your friends

It is no secret that online dating can be a little overwhelming. The pressure of trying to find that special someone can cause you to agonize over every tidbit and factoid you share on the site. Even if you think you've created the perfect profile, the process can be extremely frustrating if the only requests for dates you receive come from men or women who are less than desirable. If this is the case, you may want to go back to the source - your profile - and ask a friend who has tried the "online dating thing" for help. Although you may feel a little uneasy showing a friend your online dating information, a second pair of eyes can be the perfect way to guide your profile in the right direction. Here are some questions that a friend will likely help you answer.

Are you misrepresenting yourself?

A friend who knows you well will be able to find parts of your profile that may be a little less than accurate. They'll ask the right questions - When's the last time you did yoga? Have you ever actually gone camping? Even though these activities may seem desirable, you shouldn't add them if they aren't indicative of who you really are.

Are you giving yourself enough credit?

On the flip side, failing to list your favorite activities in fear of seeming pretentious or fake can also hurt your chances of finding online romance. A trusted pal will be able to remind you of your best qualities that may not have made the cut the first time you filled out your profile.

Are you playing it safe?

It's natural to feel a bit apprehensive about putting up personal information online, but sometimes your instincts are correct. Once again, a friend who has experience with online dating will be able to offer you some tips to stay safe. For instance, setting up a second phone number or email address to place on your page is a good idea, so that only trusted friends and family can call your actual number. Additionally, it's best to be wary of anyone who doesn't have a photo uploaded, or is hesitant to share photos after initial correspondence.