Give Your Online Dating Profile a Facelift for 2013

Jan 15, 2013 16:34:30Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Give Your Online Dating Profile a Facelift for 2013

Just because "13" is an unlucky number doesn't mean you have to be unlucky in love for the next 365 days. Whether you're new to the dating scene or you're a veteran of web romance, you can increase your odds of finding "the one" in 2013 by giving your profile a good, old-fashioned facelift. Here is some online dating advice for women who want to make this year the year of love.

1. Take some new pictures
The photo you put on your online dating profile can make or break your chances of snagging a guy. If your pic is out of date, then it's time to get some new shots taken. Any photograph within a year or so is probably OK, unless you've changed significantly since you posed for it. It doesn't matter if you've lost or put on a little weight - what really is important is that your photograph is accurate. If you're not as happy with your looks as you were when your old photo was taken, make a resolution to get back in shape, but deceiving guys with an inaccurate photo will only lead to trouble.

2. Get rid of that personal info
If you have your personal phone number or address listed anywhere on your profile, then you could be setting yourself up for trouble. It's never safe to post such information where strangers may be able to access it. There are ways you can still give out a phone number to potential dates without compromising your security. For instance, you could get a second mobile number to use exclusively with guys you've been interacting with via the internet.

3. Expand your horizons
If you haven't had too much success with online dating, the problem may rely on the restrictions you've placed on your account. Most websites allow you to list the types of guys you'd be interested in - you can filter out potential dates by age, height, weight and interests. If you have too many restrictions on the guys you want to appear in your dating pool, then you may find yourself single for another year. Revisit this portion of your profile settings and consider expanding your options a bit.