Clique offers a new way to date online for young city dwellers

Jun 13, 2012 16:09:48Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Clique offers a new way to date online for young city dwellers

Young urbanites with busy schedules may find it difficult to date, but a new online dating site is looking to make it a bit easier. According to Dowser, Clique is a recently launched online dating site that offers a different experience by incorporating social networks to match singles living in New York City.

The website works so that a single person can look on the profile of a coupled friend he or she trusts and see what types of people they suggest, according to the news outlet. In other words, those who are taken get to play wingman for their friends.

The co-founders of the site got the idea from their own experiences dating while living in New York City, and it took off from there.

"The two main options are to meet people with friends or online dating," co-founder Christy Purington told the news source. "The bar scene is crappy. Online dating never really appealed to me, this concept of meeting strangers. So I wondered how I could bring the experience of connecting through friends online. Essentially with one click we’re making it so that your friends can set you up easily or you can set it up yourself. The best dates I was going on were those my friends had set me up with, so I figured it would work for others."

This type of online dating is one out of five website options offered, according to the Online Dating Magazine. Other types of sites include general online dating, which is aimed at just dating, and relationship services, which match people up by issuing compatibility tests. In addition, there are merging online dating services, which allow the person to make a profile and then hand out their cards to people they meet in real life.

No matter which website a person chooses, playing it safe is key. The magazine urges indivduals to never give out too much personal information - including a home address or home phone number. Even a cell phone number can be dangerous - some individuals may want to purchase a second phone number, which can be used for the dating service exclusively. Also, always meet at a public place for the first date, ask for a recent photo and trust a gut instinct if the other person seems dishonest.