Casual Friday: Five Signs You Need to Pull the Plug on an Online Date

Nov 9, 2012 16:17:42Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Casual Friday: Five Signs You Need to Pull the Plug on an Online Date

For online daters, the anonymity of the internet can be both a blessing and a curse. It may help you keep your personal information safe, but can also make it difficult to know when you're dealing with a total creep. Here are five signs that you need to cut the cord on an online date.

1. He only has one picture
Some online dating sites allow you to upload as many pictures as you like, while others limit profiles to a single photo. If the latter is the case with your preferred network, you should request a few extra photos if you take a liking to someone. If he can't provide them, then odds are that one stunning pic of him is either outdated or nothing more than a pilfered photo of someone else.

2. She pesters for private information
The first few exchanges may go fine, but then all of a sudden she's bugging you for your cell phone number, personal email or home address. This should be a big red flag - there's a good chance you're dealing with a scammer. Some people choose to list a virtual phone number on their profile for this very reason - it throws scammers off the trail while still offering a way for people to contact you.

3. He keeps putting the date off
"Sorry, something came up. Next week?" If you hear that kind of excuse more than once or twice, then it's time to move on. Someone who puts off meeting in real life has something to hide, and once again, may be a fraudster who's trying to string you along.

4. She's already jealous
Jealousy is an ugly trait, and though it can crop up in long-term relationships, it's not something that should be a problem before you even meet. If she's constantly asking about who else you're messaging, imagine how she'll be if you take things to the next level.

5. He only wants sex
This shouldn't come as a surprise, but there are a lot of men out there who want one thing and one thing only - sex. Some guys might lead you on at first, but if things get too sexy too quickly, feel free to say "no" for good.

Next time you're wondering whether you should pull the plug, check over this list to help you make your decision.