Casual Dating Online: How to Be Safe, Smart and Successful

Dec 11, 2012 18:14:55Posted by John Skorick, MyAKA Founder & CEO

Casual Dating Online: How to Be Safe, Smart and Successful

There are many reasons people turn to the internet when looking for romance. Some may prefer the web to the bar scene or live in a remote area, while others enjoy the experience of browsing profiles and sending flirty messages. Many people use sites like and eHarmony in the hopes of meeting the one they'll marry, but some people may use such services for casual dating online. If this is your primary purpose, it's important that you follow these pieces of dating advice for women who want to stay safe while still having fun on the web.

Making your intentions known
If you are sure that you only want to casually date people you meet online, then it's important that you make your intentions known from the start. You don't have to put it in your online profile unless you want to, but it is polite and prudent to let guys know ahead of time that you plan on keeping things informal. Failing to do this could be seen as stringing your potential dates along, a habit that is best avoided both online and in real life.

Watching out for creeps
Some guys will interpret your desire to date casually as an interest in casual sex. Unless that is what you want, then it's best to ignore or screen out guys who start the dirty talk too soon. Remember - you are perfectly entitled to go on dates that don't lead to a permanent relationship or a session in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, some guys may be good at "playing the online game" and seem totally normal until you meet them in real life. That's why it's always important to meet in a public place and avoid giving out personal information. Instead, use a virtual phone number and an alternate email address - you'll be happy that you can easily get rid of these features if someone you've met online starts bothering you.

Keeping an open mind
Though you may dive into the online dating scene with the intention of keeping things casual, you might find a guy who makes you change your mind. If this happens, don't be afraid to take things further. Many people have met the love of their life through the internet, so don't be surprised if things go from casual to serious.

Casual dating online is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you do it wisely!